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Wrestling Classes

Wrestling Classes Located At Our San Antonio Location Only!

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The sport of wrestling is one of the fastest growing sports in the state of Texas. As the sport has gained in popularity in the area over the past few years, so has the level of competition. Ohana Wrestling programs in San Antonio are designed to get our athletes to perform at top levels. Our skilled and professional wrestling instructors have discovered through years of studying the sport that nothing can replace hard work, but it is not the only key to the formula of success. Without proper technique, physical conditioning, and nutrition, the majority of work become wasted. Ohana Wrestling is a comprehensive program designed to get the most out of each individual wrestler.

Every State or UIL Champion In The San Antonio Area In The Last Six Years Have Been Products Of The Coaching Staff Now Here At Ohana Academy!

The staff at Ohana Academy are knowledgeable, trained, and passionate professionals. We believe that coaching is a profession, and not everyone can do it. Just because you wrestled in high school or college does not make you a good coach. We understand this. A coach is someone that can instill understanding of the sport and pull the best out of their athletes. Here at Ohana Wrestling you have the best coaches the state of Texas has to offer. Our programs are built upon advanced, high percentage wrestling techniques and proper fundamentals. We are always trying to correct slight mistakes in technique that in other programs go unidentified. We believe not only in drilling but drilling the the best of our ability and as perfect as humanly possible.

Ohana Academy In San Antonio Offers Both Adult & Kids Wrestling Programs!

Ohana Academy's high-octane Kids Wrestling program for ages 6 to 13, is a fun and exciting program that teaches Grecco and Freestyle techniques. Our students have the opportunity to travel and compete all around the state while getting top notch instruction for our staff.

Our intensive Adult Wrestling program focuses on cardio and strength training that will make you a beast on the mat. You will get in incredible shape and be tough and powerful as you learn double and single leg takedowns, reversals, sitouts, and much, much more. 

Become A Champion At Ohana Academy!

Nothing comes easy. With time, commitment, the right program, and the right team to create success, our students meet and exceed their goals. Fill out the short form on the side of this page to get all the information you need to sign up and starting learning the skills and techniques to success on and off the mat!


Benefits of Wrestling

  • Learn Takedowns, Reversals, And Sitouts
  • Learn From The Best Instructors In The State
  • Get In Great Shape
  • Become A Champion

Our Wrestling Classes Are Located In

  • Ohana HQ
  • Ohana Northeast

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