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This weeks powerful word is Compare or Comparison. The definition of compare is to : estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between. Now in reference to your journey on the mat, I believe that comparison is a subtle trap that can cause your game to plateau. Its a trap that all of us are guilty of falling into at one point or another. 

In last weeks post we talked about vision, and how knowing what you want to become will dictate the decisions of what you do in the moment. I reference this because this weeks powerful word Compare is the enemy to vision. Think about it for a second. You all have specific goals that you want to accomplish with Jiu Jitsu. (become a black belt, become a world champion, self defense, weight loss, etc. ) So its safe to say that we are all on a journey. I like to think of it as an epic quest! One in which, we will have to overcome many obstacles to obtain our prize. So we start out on our journey with our eyes fixed on where we want to go. What do you think will happen when we take our eyes off of our prize and focus on what someone else is doing? I think its safe to say that at some point we will crash. On top of that we might have gone far off course and added time to our journey that we never intended. Think about being in a race. Can you take the time to look either to the right or the left to check on your opponents and still run in your lane? I don't think so. 

Comparison will consistently cloud your clarity. It is very common to compare yourself to your training partners. Here are a couple examples of how comparison can become a pitfall for your progress…

1. Why did he get his blue belt i can tap him out?

2. How come i didn't get the technique as fast as him or her?

3. Why can’t my body move like that? 

When you run a race you are usually separated from the other contestants by a lane. A lane is made up of two lines. I believe that everyone has a destiny, and that your destiny is made up of two consistent factors. First your destiny on the mat, is every day being a little closer to making your vision a reality. Each day you train, every roll you roll and every drill you drill brings you closer and closer to your vision. It is very easy to forget this if you take your focus off of your vision and instead focus on how does my partner do it. You can not fulfill your destiny if you start to look at what other people do or what other people have. Beware comparison because it takes your focus off of your vision. You have to remain focused on your vision and train for you. Second part of your destiny is to be unlike anyone else! You are unique! No one else in the world looks like you, sounds like you, or moves like you. Some people may come close but an actual copy does not exist. So i believe it is safe to say your destiny is to train hard and be you! You can’t do this if you are concerned with what someone in the gym is doing or what someone else is doing at another gym. Some people might argue with me; but thats how i stay competitive jason. My answer is thats great, but i fear competition to be better than someone else or be like someone else is the best way to becoming burnt out. Compete because it helps bring you closer to your vision and accomplishing your goals. The ultimate opponent isn't someone else, no. The ultimate opponent is yourself. Learn to conquer yourself and you will be a lot closer to accomplishing your goals. Comparison does not lead to a more competitive atmosphere or person. It leads to a crash, because you are no longer focused on your vision.

In conclusion I want to say that i don’t think comparison is a bad thing. Only ask yourself what are you comparing to. I believe we should compare things back to your vision. If you are asking yourself should i use this technique in my game etc. The answer should come from the trial and error that you experience in the gym on the mats. Does it fit the mold of what you want to become? Guard yourself against comparison. Learn to revel in the moments that you are on the mat. Revel in your journey and remember you have a destiny!! It is a beautiful thing!


Professor Jason Yerrington

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