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Powerful Word of the Week

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Powerful Word of the Week

Powerful Word Of The Week


I would like to start off with saying congratulations to everyone that competed this past weekend at the MatShark tournament. Also want to say a big thanks to all the coaches that worked hard to be at every person’s mat during their matches. This was not an easy task because we had 56 competitors from Ohana alone. OSS 

The powerful word for this week is Adapt. The definition of adapt is two fold, 1. to adjust (someone or something, especially oneself) to different conditions, a new environment, etc. 2. to fit, change, or modify to suit a new or different purpose: to adapt a play for use in schools. After the competition this weekend i would like for everyone to to evaluate how they adapted in two different ways. First how well do you feel you adapted to the tournament environment/experience this past weekend. Secondly what adaptations did you find yourself making to your game during your matches or what adaptations do you need to make in order to have better results in the future.

The tournament environment is always so different then your normal training days. It is the trepidation of the unknown that begins to eat at your consciousness as you wait for when your name will be called to your mat. Questions like how many matches will I have, who is my first match going to be against, or when will i even be going start to wear on you throughout the time you are there. Not to mention the energy and pre excitement that is so tangible you feel it on your skin. These are just a few of the conditions that you as a competitor must adapt to. It is not the easiest thing to do but with time and more competitions it gets easier but never goes away. I don't believe there is a cookie cutter formula answer for how to adapt to these sorts of pressures and stimuli. Every person must search for the process that enables them to be the most successful and is a very important step in your personal journey with Jiu Jitsu and self revelation. It is because stresses of the competitive environment that when you come back to train on Monday everything feels more secure, solid. Now learning techniques take on a new meaning because you have exposed yourself to stress and are better for it. Remember growth requires stress. I think the coolest thing about this phenomena is that it happens no matter what. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. All that matters is that you show up and make the investment in putting yourself out there. You will become better because of just showing up and competing. This is guaranteed!

The second part about competition that fits with our powerful word Adapt this week is the embrace of chaos. Anytime you train Jiu Jitsu or roll (sparr) you are trying to put order to a chaotic situation. This requires you to adapt your technique, strategy or movement to the specific situation your are facing at that moment. For example say you pulled guard on your opponent this past weekend and wanted to execute a scissor sweep. As you start your technique your opponent forces you to adapt your technique and modify it slightly to include maybe a different grip or hip movement that you have never trained prior to this moment. Now the truth is that not all adaptations are successful in the moment, but this part of your growth as a Jiu Jitsu player/competitor. The nuts and bolts of it are that you enter the match wanting to impose your will (game) on your opponent. Whether that is by takedown and pass, or guard pull and sweep. You are searching for the adaptation that will bring you the submission or victory. 

So this week ferment on the word adapt and how it applies to your game. How well do you think you adapted to the stimuli of the competition environment and how well did you adapt your game in the moment to the chaos of your opponent. I believe with this kind of evaluation of your game you walk away from a competition having furthered your Jiu Jitsu Journey. Which ultimately is a journey of self discovery. 


Profesor Jason Yerrington 

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