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November Powerful Word of The Month "Strength"

The Modern Warrior knows their power. Even in defeat, the Modern Warrior is never powerless. Even when they are weak, the Modern Warrior knows their true strength. The Modern Warrior has learned how to harness their strength, focus their power, and replenish their energy. It is in this practice that the Modern Warrior becomes like a force of nature. The warrior finds their greatest strength when they love to live and live to love.
Love is the warrior’s greatest strength. When we love our lives, we are inspired, encouraged, and energized to face even life’s greatest challenges. Imagine, You are born a piece of coal; you must become a fire. This is part of the Modern Warrior’s journey. To find the fire, the passion that burns within you is central to the way of the Modern Warrior
Nothing will steal our strength like living lives we do not love. To pursue what we love is to be energized for life. If we cannot find the energy to live, we have not found love worth living for. Warriors have found boundless energy, for they have found boundless love. There is a direct relationship between what we are doing and the energy we have to do it. Everyone has an energy grid. The way we store energy is through our desires, values, passions, hopes, dreams, and aspirations, and ultimately our greatest capacity for energy storage is through what we love
If we are not careful, we can experience the same phenomenon in our personal lives. Every day we make choices to conserve energy, expend energy, consume energy, and restore energy. Even when we are energized by life, it will still deplete us of energy. The things that energize us can also exhaust us.
Energizing and exhausting are not diametrically opposed. The things that give you energy also cost you energy, but that cost has a return. The things that energize you the most might actually cost you the most energy. (Wife, my kids, bjj)They might be the hardest things that you do. They might be the most difficult challenges in your life. But when they are energizing, you do not find yourself in a deficit of energy, because whatever it costs you, the return is greater.

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